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Bijoux Hen Parties Ltd is owned by Claire Robinson.

Bijoux Hen Parties Ltd is owned by Claire Robinson. Claire started dancing at an early age and her passion increased in her teens and early twenties when she worked as a dancer in the UK and abroad. After studying English Literature at university Claire began a career at the BBC as a researcher in 2002, where her organisational and creative skills were developed and enhanced. In 2009 Claire merged her passion for dance, creativity and organisational skills by starting Bijoux Burlesque.

Bijoux Hen Parties Ltd started life as Bijoux Burlesque in 2009, when we initially offered burlesque classes and parties only. 

"I have been performing burlesque since 2007 where I started off performing in South London venues until early 2008. I then took a break from the scene for a year until I moved back to Nottingham where I put together 'The Bijoux Belles'. I started teaching burlesque in August 2009 after requests from friends to teach them the basics and it has snowballed from there, the interest in burlesque has grown massively over the last few years and it is now becoming very main stream. I really enjoy teaching burlesque, the women come into the beginners class very nervous, shy and timid about their bodies however after the 3/4th class the women are teaching me how to strip lol. One mother of 2 from my class said after a performance that she felt sexy and it had been over 7 years since she last felt that way. For me this is the greatest reward and the reason why I love teaching!"

Since 2009 Bijoux Hen Parties Ltd expanded drastically into a dance and vintage hen party events company. We still have our roots in Burlesque however the vintage theme has intrigued us and we love providing affordable and value for money vintage hen parties.

The aim of Bijoux Hen Parties Ltd is to provide fun and affordable and fun hen parties and Bijoux Hen Parties Burlesque now have a fantastic team of dance teachers, photographers and hair and makeup artists throughout the UK all available to make your mates special day fantastic. 

Bijoux Hen Parties Ltd  know that it is important for your hen weekend to be fun, run smoothly and break the ice within your group and a dance hen party or vintage hen party is a perfect start to your weekend and guaranteed to have all the girls giggling, chatting and dancing, so why not call 01509 357751 to book yours now.

We are looking forward to working with you!